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"The Jolly Quaker"

Come and enjoy our pop-up pub in the Village Hall, 7-11pm first Friday of each month

What You Can Buy

You will find a wide range of goods available, so it's easy to do all your weekly shopping in one visit.

If you would like us to stock something new or have an idea how we can improve our offering, please let us know via the suggestions box.

Fruit and Vegetables

A photo of the fruit and vegetables available in the store

A wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, broccoli, cabbages, potatoes and many more.

Fresh Bread

A photo of the fresh bread available in the store

Bread is delivered daily from a well known local bakery. There is farmhouse, wholemeal, golden harvest, 6 corn, croissants, French bread and many more. Just ask for details.

Dairy Products

A photo of the dairy products available in the store

A full range of dairy products including milk, cream, yoghurts, butter, cheeses, fresh juices and eggs.


A photo of the delicatessen products available in the store

The "deli" stocks sliced ham sold by the slice which is very popular. You'll find many other items including pre-packed bacon, smoked salmon, pate, a wide selection of cheeses and pre-packed meats.

Store Cupboard

A photo of the store cupboard items available in the store

A wide variety of breakfast cereals and tinned goods including vegetables, beans, tomatoes, salmon and sardines. There is also pasta, rice, flour, dried fruits, herbs, spices, readymade sauces, ketchup, chutneys & pickles, jams, marmalades and spreads.

Tea, coffee and biscuits

A photo of tea, coffee and biscuits available in the store

A variety of teas and coffees including Earl Grey, PG Tips, Rooibos, Nescafe and ground coffee with sugar, hot chocolate and Horlicks. Why not try a biscuit with your cuppa? You can get shortbread, digestives, pre-packed cakes amongst many others.

Frozen Food

A photo of the frozen food available in the store

A small selection of frozen foods such as frozen vegetables, peas, broccoli, carrots or chips, and frozen chicken pies, steak pies and fish pies, organic mince meat, chicken breasts, trout fillets, prawns, pizza and ice cream.

Soft Drinks

A photo of the soft drinks available in the store

An assortment of fruit squashes, colas, lemonades and various flavoured waters and still and sparkling spring water.

Wine, Beer and Spirits

A photo of the wine, beer and spirits available in the store

A select range of wines, beers and spirits together with mixers.

There is also a selection of crisps, savoury biscuits and nibbles to accompany your drinks.

Household Products

A photo of the household products available in the store

A variety of household products such as cleaning materials, polish, washing powders, softeners, soaps, toilet paper, lavatory cleaners, washing up liquid, kitchen rolls, household foil and cling film, bio bin bags and black refuse bags.

Toiletries and Pharmacy

A photo of the pharmacy items available in the store

Hair shampoo and conditioners, body soap, liquid soap and deodorants. You'll find hairspray, toothpaste and toothbrushes and tissues. There are various pharmaceutical products such as pain relief tablets and plasters too.

Pet Food

A photo of the pet food available in the store

A supply of pet food for your dog or cat in the form of tinned food, dried food or sachets.

There is also cat litter and dog chews.

Home-Made Cakes, Hot Drinks

A photo of the home-made cakes available in the store

We pride ourselves on the delicious flavour of our home-made cakes which are popular with local villagers. You can buy fresh filter coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino or tea to accompany the cakes or to take-away.

Jordans Village Store Preserves and Pickles

A photo of the preserves and pickles available in the store

Our own branded preserves and pickles. These have proven very popular as they taste delicious and they can also be a novel gift. There is a wide range of jams, marmalades, honey, chutneys, pickles and orange or mint chocolates.

Cigarettes, Confectionary and Stamps

A photo of the confectionary available in the store

A wide range of cigarettes and tobacco. There is also large variety of popular sweets and candies for children, chocolates including boxes of chocolates which are excellent gifts. You can buy 1st and 2nd class stamps too.


A photo of the stationery available in the store

Writing paper, envelopes, padded envelopes for parcels, assorted pens and pencils, erasers, notepads, sellotape, glue and much more.

Cards and Wrapping Paper

A photo of the cards available in the store

Assorted cards to cover all occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, blank cards for your own message.

You'll find wrapping papers, gift paper and tags too.

Papers and Magazines

A photo of the papers and magazines available in the store

We can supply all the national newspapers and magazines with advanced notice and can have your paper waiting for you when you come into the shop. We carry a small selection of popular national and local newspapers and magazines.

*NEW* Used Books

A photo of the used books available in the store

A display of nearly new used books which are very popular with our local villagers.

Why not come into the store and have a coffee and browse through our selection?

Weekly Dry Cleaning

A photo of the dry cleaning service available in the store

A dry cleaning service which is provided by "Simply The Best".

The service operates on a weekly basis.

Free Delivery Service!!!

A photo of the delivery van

A free* delivery service offered to our customers every Friday. Orders can be placed in-store, by phone, or online.

* Min. order £5 qualifies for free delivery within 2 miles. Delivery outside this area please contact us.